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Financing – Debt

Financing – Bank Loans A loan from a private lender is one option for financing a business. A bank will assess the business proposal and use established underwriting guidelines to determine eligibility for a loan, necessary collateral requirements and will usually require a personal guarantee. Business Plan To apply for a bank loan, take some … Continued

Angel Investors

Angel Investments Angel investments tend to range from $250,000 at the lower end to $2 million at the very upper end. Raising angel capital usually takes two to four months. Angel Investors Angel investors are usually wealthy, experienced business people who make high-risk, potentially high-yield investments in start-up companies or existing small businesses which are … Continued

Term Sheet

Definition A term sheet is basically a letter of intent that spells out how much an investor is willing to give and under what conditions.  It is typically the starting point for serious negotiations between the investor and entrepreneur. According to Kauffman Foundation “The Term Sheet is the roadmap to definitive agreements that will control the … Continued

Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property? Intellectual property refers to the right in an intangible asset. Common forms include patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Intellectual property rights determine the rights to make, use, sell, display and manufacture. These rights can be transferred, sold or licensed to others. What is a Patent? A patent is “the right … Continued

Licensing Technology

Tips on Licensing Technology for Entrepreneurs Technology Transfer usually takes two forms Acquiring and/or licensing intellectual property is a common practice of technology based, innovative companies and usually takes two forms: In-Licensing, which is acquiring (for a fee) the intellectual property rights to use or commercialize products or programs. Out-Licensing, which is receiving fees from … Continued

Regulatory Requirements

Regulations for Starting a Business There are a variety of local, state and federal regulations that can apply to starting a business including everything from local zoning to obtaining a federal tax identification number. The most common areas of concern for new businesses are: tax registration payroll/income taxes incorporation filing requirement business licenses building permits … Continued


When Entrepreneurs Should Get Legal Help BizStarts highly recommends consulting with an attorney regarding the following three topics. Determining the legal structure for your business: Sole proprietorship Partnership C Corporation S Corporation Limited liability corporation (LLC) The business structure you choose will have legal and tax implications. It is important to find the structure that … Continued

Selling to the Government

Federal, State and Local Governments offer small businesses a great business opportunities. Whether in manufacturing, construction, services, technology or R&D, the Government purchases everything from furniture to tanks – from tree planting to socks. Each level of Government follows their particular process to purchase. Businesses should become familiar with the procedures used by a particular … Continued

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