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BizStarts May 2016 Featured Mentor – Ed Javier

ed-javier-mentor-photoBizStarts of Milwaukee is excited to present the May 2016 Featured Mentor, Ed Javier. Each month, BizStarts highlights a mentor from the Mentor Program and asks questions that provide knowledge and inspiration to other Milwaukee entrepreneurs.

A little background about Ed. Working in the tech space for more than 15 years, Ed Javier is an experienced executive that helped build and scale start-up companies such as and, lead technology SaaS product launches into new industries, and most recently, as the General Manager, pivoted and sold the leading real estate website in the Philippines to Rocket Internet. Ed and his family recently moved to the Milwaukee area.

Question 1.) Why did decide to help other entrepreneurs by mentoring? What do you get out of it and/or enjoy most about the BizStarts Mentor Program?

“While searching for my next job opportunity here in the area, I’ve realized that there is a startup community that’s ready to take off. It just needs a little prodding. One area that needs bolstering are mentors for the startup entrepreneurs. I’m fortunate to have the experience and time to help the startup community right now. I see it as a way to give back and meet exciting people who are looking to solve problems.”

Question 2.) If you want to encourage innovative ideas, how do you go about it?

“Coming up with ideas alone is difficult enough; innovative ones are even harder. I always create and maintain an atmosphere where each individual on the team is comfortable sharing any and all ideas. Then the group can select the top ones for further discussion and evaluation.”

Question 3.) If you want to create an environment where motivation can thrive, what’s the first thing you would do?

“I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from previous leaders that the team needs to believe in a common goal. Whether that goal is to hit a certain launch date, or cream the competition. The key I found was to celebrate the smaller goals, or stages of completion, that lead to the end goal.”

Question 4.) Who has been a major influence on you?

“My wife, Shellie, a.k.a. co-founder at the Javier Household, is a constant guiding influence. Our startup of raising three boys, and hopefully having an exit plan when they all graduate from college, reminds me of the challenges with startups. You can’t do it all yourself if you want to keep the company moving forward.”

Question 5.) What advice would you give to your younger self?

“Slow down and enjoy the free time. As you get older, we wish for more hours in the day.”

Question 6.) What did you want to be when you were a child?

“After visiting the NASA Space Center in Florida, I wanted to be a Space Shuttle Commander. To me, there was nothing cooler than putting on all that gear and blasting off in a rocket to get a great view the Earth.”

Question 7.) What professional or personal struggle have you overcome and what did it teach you?

“The 2008 market crash had a huge impact on our real estate startup. It was hard enough to leave that one behind, but even more painful was informing the team that we had to let them go. I learned that you have to be there for your team whether you succeed or not.”


Congratulations, Ed Javier, for being the BizStarts May 2016 Featured Mentor! If you’re interested in our Mentor Program, contact us today!

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