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Founder: Stephen Hushek, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiological Sciences – Department of Nuclear Engineering 

For BizStarts, the people we serve and support say it best:  our mission, our purpose is embodied in the words of our new inventor, physicist and entrepreneur, Stephen Hushek, Ph. D.

“The BizStarts staff is amazing, they have given me so much confidence to help me take my idea to a broad audience.  As an entrepreneur, to have a pro bono group that is looking out for my interests, who only wants me to do well, that’s a very rare thing.  BizStarts gives independent entrepreneurs like myself the resources normally found on the campuses of major research universities.  My career has been in intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging: my goal continues to be providing surgeons with the technology to better serve their patients, to save more lives and solve highly complex medical challenges.”

MedTrak began a year ago with an idea to solve a frequent medical and neurosurgical problem. Without imaging available during surgical procedures, surgeons cannot always determine if all malignant tissue has been removed and some studies have shown residual tumor in 30-50% of the cases.  Intraoperative imaging can also detect debilitating intracranial bleeding.  With Dr. Hushek’s MedTrak equipment, unconscious brain surgery patients are carefully moved from the operating suite into a magnetic resonance imaging scanner, which will provide neurosurgeons with crucial information.  His lifesaving and creative technology will allow surgeons to detect complications also, allowing immediate further treatment and intervention.  Outcomes will promote patients’ complete recovery while improving the safety and quality of these procedures.

Dr. Hushek is from Milwaukee, and served as the Vice President of Technology for IMRIS, a Canadian firm, from 2005-2010 and was employed by GE in Waukesha from 1994-1999 for a project, which developed magnetic resonance imaging equipment specific to surgery and interventional procedures.

“Because I’m a techno geek, I don’t really have an extensive background on the business side of things.  Whenever I have an idea or have to give a presentation BizStarts provides an excellent sounding board in a very supportive environment.   First, I went through my business plan with Chelsea Krause, the Venture Track Director, which gave me the confidence for my Ugly Baby presentation.  In their group meetings, I benefited from interacting with entrepreneurs that had already been successful.  It also provided me with connections and introductions so I could form a network of people to support my initiative.  It’s so rare that you have direct contact with an angel investor. BizStarts’ network has many people willing to listen to my specific needs, unusual challenges and provide such generous support.”

“I am now recruiting investors so I can raise the funds to design and produce the prototype and submit it for FDA clearance. I cannot officially market this device to customers until it is cleared by the FDA but I am talking to a lot of hospitals and have gotten a lot of interest.”

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